English for Adults

You are studying abroad – a new start – a new milestone – exciting times. You have chosen Brisbane to study. Its a great place to be.

Whether the purpose of your English education in Australia is advancing towards a distinguished qualification, obtaining a higher IELTS score, progressing to further studies or higher education, or just to polish your language abilities in a General English class, at Bespoke Grammar our highly qualified and dedicated instructors will assist you to reaching your learning goals.

These programs are aligned with those of the Junior students, allowing parents and adults to accompany their children on their study tour. Many times, parents have a difficult time sending their children overseas for a study tour program. Bespoke Grammar, along with Australia Institute of Business & Technology have designed several exclusive adult programs, enabling parents to explore Australia along with their child, yet allowing their children to remain independent during their studies here in Australia.

As part of this English development program through Bespoke Grammar and Australia Institute of Business & Technology, we have incorporated several hospitality-driven experiences to help stimulate your communication skills in real world situations. Hospitality in Australia is a thriving industry and has established a dominating presence in the last several decades. Individuals who participate in these developmental programs will have first-hand experiences working in a café or coffee shop, and will be taught barista and sandwich making skills.

Our instructors will help you with:

  • Creating your resume and writing a cover letter or e-mail
  • Understanding and responding to job ads by telephone and in person
  • Interview tips, advice and practice
  • Guide you towards finding a job, or excelling in your career
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